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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Bryan Sentes provides one more "addendum" to his Liminas accounting


Bryan's reminiscence of the Liminas "conference" or whatever it was goes to the heart of the UAP interlopers, who like the now-dead skeptics, pinpoint their insurgency into the UFO camp, which has occurred mostly because the UFO old-guard, the "geezers" have failed for over 70 years to accomplish anything remotely worthwhile towards the solving of the UFO enigma.

Attacking and bemoaning the U.S. Militaries for failure to disclose what they know about UFOs has just offered hand-wringing of a useless and tiring (boring) harangue that produced and produces nothing.

Even my small band of brigands here refuse to be maddened by the usurpation of the UFO dialogue by Bryan's cronies, whose philosophical palaver sickens.

The Luminas discussions enliven academics of the meaningless kind -- because their thinking is soporific to outside society just as Aristophanes made clear way back in 423 B.C. with The Clouds, a not-so-subtle attack on Socrates and his ilk. 

That we UFO enthusiasts allow and provide sustenance to such shit-filled meanderings, as I'm doing by promoting Bryan's erudite retrospective of the Liminas foolishness, is, itself, a crime against intelligence and rationality.

But I expect no support or aggrievement for highlighting Bryan's ponderings -- yes, I still like the guy -- even as his promotion of such nonsense and self-aggrandizing posterings by loopy academics is a kind of traitorous pomp and circumstance.

UFOers sit back and let such crap wash over us, unabated, just as everyone, but John Greewald, lets the powers-that-be change the dialogue [UAP] and lackies help them do it by using the sobriquet, often incorrectly [UAPs] in their writings and conversations, because UFOers are pathetic, lemmings or lambs being led to intellectual slaughter.

That's it. Read Bryan's commentary linked above, and weep for the UFO phenomenon. It's now fodder for the cap and gown crowd where hubris and its own kind of madness prevails.



  • They can put some whipped cream and a cherry on it if it makes it more appetizing, but they're in for a rude awakening when it becomes obvious the answer won't suddenly appear after their grand -- and late -- entrance. UFOs aren't palatable by nature, and I don't think these guys are in it for the long haul.

    The irony is this is something we've wanted to add legitimacy and a fresh eye to the subject, but we've ended up with academics and their clean fingernails instead of diggers ready to get down and dirty.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, March 18, 2023  

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