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Thursday, September 21, 2023

CBP UAP / UFO Video Release #10 (from Black Vault 9/21)


One last video from the Black Vault offering: a white dot, meandering like a balloon.

Virtually worthless video.

CBP UAP / UFO Video Release #2.1 and #2.2 (from Black Vault 9/21)



More videos, some with that "white duck" smudge.

Both worthless as "data" or anything else.


CBP UAP / UFO Video Release #9 (from Black Vault 9/21)


An "endless" video of a return of the "white duck" UAP that appeared in a video a few months back.

The "image" (UAP) can't be seen on a computer screen but does appear on one's BIG home TV.

It looks like a piece of paper, flying in a strong wind, or a piece of lint on the camera lens.

It's not really "data" but some will pretend it is [SCU or NASA] ...


The DeBrief: Micah Hanks et al.


I just got this -- maybe I can retire....



Wednesday, September 20, 2023

John Greenewald Jr. [Black Vault] live -- as I type this -- on Grusch DoD documents


The UFO mess and the UAP nonsense

Copyright 2023, InterAmerica, Inc.
My pal Tony Bragalia keeps stumbling across government incon- sistencies and indications that something not quite right continues afoot when it comes to UFOs.
This too, as Dominick and Ron, here, note and are discouraged by.
But in the UFO community-- long-timers, UFO geezers, and even the new millennia UAP drop-ins -- no one is upset with the nonsense that is so palpable.
The perfidy of AARO and the white-washed attitude of NASA con- tinue to elude interest by most who pretend to be UFO zealots.
That goddamn SCU bunch stokes the UAP line, pressing forward with their accumulation of “data.”
And the UFO contingent on Facebook, Reddit, and X are merely complacent, about anything, even accepting that Mexican charade and hoax, perpetrated by Jaime Maussan (again) as possibly true. You saw Chris Lehto’s backtrack after pushing the con forward for a few days.
The Grusch excitement has abated pretty much. Luis Elizondo is a vague memory. DeLonge is a goner. Avi Loeb is back at pushing interstellar intrusions and not UFO insertions into Earth’s atmosphere.
If you have a Facebook connection, check out the UFO/UAP crowd’s onslaught of foodstuffs they are imbibing or minor pleasures that have enveloped their everyday existence.
No one is enchanted or excited by UFOs, especially the mainstream press.
Sure, there are other worldly concerns. Many actually. And UFOs or flying saucers have been at the fringe of existence for a rather long while now, with nothing happening to raise one’s blood pressure or concern.
ChatGPT, BARD, and robots are on the front burner but barely.
And the UAP designation has trumped UFOs, just as the military had hoped and pushed to make happen.
I’d go back to cultural interests, as Bryan Sentes is trying to do. Or I could help Isaac Koi collect old UFO materials for archiving. Or I might even dive into Werewolves and other paranormal oddities as my buddy Nick Redfern has done.
But the UFO enigma will burst forth, sooner than later, as I’m hearing the non-human – really a non-human reality, not Peruvian animal parts -- will be presented in a public arena shortly, a UFO combatant about to really blow a whistle.
I’m not waiting for “disclosure” but do expect a breakthrough coming up. That’s my current fantasy.
We’ll see if it comes true…

Billy Cox (like a few others) hearkens to the JFK assassination


5 Sinister Extraterrestrial Encounters Reported by Russian Military


Chris Lehto's mea culpa about his short-lived ballyhoo of the Mexican alien mummy farce


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The Observer: Mexico's Extraterrestrial Revelations


Monday, September 18, 2023

Whistleblower Bill Holden talks about his UFO and alien encounters during his military service


A whistle-blower who has had some ""amazing" experiences, including abduction. He likes to relate some accounts, which didn't astound him and he was also told by his ET abductors to be kind and loving to one another and quit ruining the Earth.

He explains the Roswell flying disc "crash."

He likes to say "okay" to get confirmation that his listener(s) are believing him and he wears a gold chain, something I see as a warning of ego.

He may believe what he's relating as real but this is an example of a minor psychosis that has come to fruition for reasons that a psychiatrist might fathom.


Sunday, September 17, 2023

Today's Google UFO Alerts [9/17] were still all about the NASA briefing except for this lone nothingness


No one (or very few) really cares

During a Poker Party Saturday night, I brought up two of the UFO accounts that Chris Lehto offered this past week (which is linked below). It was the second and third tales involving Marines stumb- ling upon UFOs, one crashed, one picking up some boxed "things" under the guidance of other U.S. military troops.

The collaboration of military troopers in one case and first on the scene in another offer questions about who knows what and how is it that the U.S. military seems to be in cahoots with non-human beings.

My point here, however, is that my recitation of the two incidents, followed by a viewing of the Lehto video, was shrugged off with a "let's get back to poker."

No one was interested in what the video or accounts portended, no one. And these are media people with high intellects.


Saturday, September 16, 2023

A Coast Guard's Encounter with the Unknown [1973]


Rich Dolan offers a 1973 encounter and his thoughts on the surge asking for more UAP data for NASA and others.,

His views echo those of serious UFO followers and this Coast Guard event occurred one year before the account I linked right below this one, and is in a time-frame when some intense UFO activities were taking place.


The Aveley Extraterrestrial Abduction [1974]


You know that I assign a psychological or neurological cause of so-called UFO ET abductions but think you might listen carefully [sic] to the details of this account, and compare those details to what other abductees and now whistle-blowers and reports of UFO events have recorded over time

I didn't like seeing Whitley Strieber's book cover so prominent in the corner of the host's screen, but there it is -- Strieber's fiction discounted by rational UFO followers.


Google UFO Alerts for 9/16 continues with all its inks about the NASA role in the UAP mish-mash


More on the Peruvian mummies (from Tony Bragalia)

It turns out that Peruvian religious ceremonial dolls from 1000 years ago that are comprised of a hodgepodge of human skeletal bones and animal bones do exist, but they are exceedingly rare. Some people have emailed me about this in the last day.
I may have mischaracterized in a sense: It may not be necessarily as “ghoulish” and “gruesome” a thing as I originally surmised. It may be more a historical/cultural thing. Peruvians in the 800 AD-1100 AD time frame were creating ceremonial or religious effigies that they crafted from mummified/fossilized bones, human and animal. So, no one in modern day took old human and llama bone to make an alien. They were created by the indigenous culture with no purpose of fakery…
But the question now becomes: why were these ancient Peruvians creating these anatomical images/sculptures to look so much like small aliens with big heads, Asiatic eyes, no ears, vestigial noses – for all of the world looking like modern-day ETs?
That is the real mystery: what creatures were they replicating in their religious/ceremonial art pieces?


Billy Cox on the NASA UAP Office


Friday, September 15, 2023

Longish video of 1977 UFO events (an "abduction and other elements similar to other UFO accounts)


The account(s) presented here are recounted in a 1979 book: The Uninvited.

Silver suited, 7 foot tall "visitors" and a school visitation, men in black, and other UFO similarities.


Addenda to Tony Bragalia's previous Maussan mummy exposé

 It turns out that Peruvian religious ceremonial dolls from 1000 years ago that are comprised of a hodgepodge of human skeletal bones and animal bones do exist, but they are exceedingly rare. Some people have emailed me about this in the last day.
I may have mischaracterized in a sense: It may not be necessarily as “ghoulish” and “gruesome” a thing as I originally surmised. It may be more a historical/cultural thing. Peruvians in the 800 AD-1100 AD time frame were creating ceremonial or religious effigies that they crafted from mummified/fossilized bones, human and animal. So, no one in modern day took old human and llama bone to make an alien. They were created by the indigenous culture with no purpose of fakery…
But the question now becomes: why were these ancient Peruvians creating these anatomical images/sculptures to look so much like small aliens with big heads, Asiatic eyes, no ears, vestigial noses – for all of the world looking like modern-day ETs?
That is the real mystery: what creatures were they replicating in their religious/ceremonial art pieces?

Anthony Bragalia

Chris Lehto presents [9/15] three crash/retrieval UFO cases





Google UFO Alerts for 9/15 were all links about the 9/14 NASA briefing


Thursday, September 14, 2023

The inside scoop on the Mexican [Maussan] alien/ET mummies (from Tony Bragalia)

Here is the gruesome truth about Maussan’s ‘alien’ mummies: Ghoulish graverobbers stole Peruvian children’s mummified corpses. Then anatomical dissection was performed by necro-artists who mixed and arranged the bones from the dead babies in ‘anomalous’ ways. They removed two fingers and toes from the corpse mummies. They then took the pieced-together skeletons and attached them to modified mummified llama heads…yes,  llama heads. It is all highly reminiscent of PT Barnum’s pieced-together “Fiji Mermaid” hoax of the 1800s.
It turns out that about two years ago, Maussan was ‘soft-pedaling’ or ‘previewing’ these same ‘alien mummies’ on lesser media venues. It caught the attention of an anthropologist with the Russian Academy of Sciences. He then teamed with the YouTube Channel “Scientist Against Myths” to release a 22 minute video that examines the materials and x-rays presented by Maussan at that time. It is shown conclusively that these are real bones of real beings who are really old – but they have been physically desecrated by human hands. The re-structured mummy parts were fused to a mummified llama skull. Here is the video that shows precisely how this was all accomplished. At about 14:25 it is revealed that the head is indeed of a llama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DmDHF6jN9A
Maussan apparently thought that enough time had passed and that he would ‘re-introduce’ the materials again- this time to a global audience picked up by mainstream media.

Anthony Bragalia

The DeBrief: A thing on NASA's UAP efforts, et cetera


Chris Lehto's [live] YouTube presentation 9/14 of the NASA UAP briefing





Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Google UFO Alerts for 9/13 linked to several sources about that Mexico UFO/UAP Congress meeting

While mainstream news media is shirking important UFO-related items, ABC, Fox, CBS did present reports about the Mexican Congress gathering hosted in part by that Jaime Maussan guy, showing photos of non-human corpses:

It's shameful that news organizations remain gulled by Maussan and more shameful that legitimate journalists would highlight such ridiculous items as those above, supposedly representing alien [ET] corpses.


Ignorance: a pandemic that persists

Copyright 2023, InterAmerica, Inc.
My pals, Bragalia and Randle, remain entranced by Roswell, Kevin going there, again, recently and writing about it on his blog, where his insipid followers provided their usual inane comments.
Kevin remains enchanted by the minutiae of the Roswell incident and Tony persists in seeking clues to cement his obsession with the idea that the whole story from 1947's newspaper headline -- Flying saucer found by U.S. Army -- is factually true.

Tony B is still hotly anti-Grusch, despite that guy’s still, at this point, notoriety among the UFO/UAP crowd and even many non-UFO people, who are entranced by the idea of crashed non-human craft with bodies all over the place, according to Grusch.

(Grusch's scenarios seem to confirm Tony and Kevin's Roswell belief.)
But we really have moved beyond Roswell, even though it is the template for the current UAP fervor.
Two books, reviewed by History Professor Jeffrey Collins in the September 1, 2023 TLS [Times Literary Supplement] about ignorance – Ignorance by Peter Burke and Knowing What We Know by Simon Winchester – on page 10, gets at the heart of where we humans are now, intellectually, comparing thinking in the past with today’s thought.
The review comports with what I saw from viewers of Chris Lehto’s Q&A session on YouTube Tuesday night (9/12) …
The asinine remarks, shown on screen, were abysmally stupid, to the point that I wanted to smash the TV set with a book close at hand.
The live commentary, much more stupid than the examples in the books reviewed noted above, indicates a moronic overlay among the current UAP crowd, people just wishing to be acknowledged by anyone, no matter how blissfully ridiculous they and their comments appear to be.
Tony B lambasted Grusch in an e-mail to me, writing that Grusch’s erudition (as I heard it during his Jesse Michel’s interview) demonstrated that Grusch has “an answer for everything” – something Tony finds offensive, stating that Grusch “inflates and speculates.”
Tony would puke if he read any of Kevin’s followers. (And his and Kevin’s obsession with Roswell has its own problems with intellectualism.)
My point is that the UFO discussion remains, as it always has, with ignorant response and speculation – some here by me – but today’s bevy of speculation and commentary is closer to madness than the previous 70 years of debate.
We are awash in ignorance. Let’s hope the epidemic doesn’t infect the commentary showing up here.

I’d hate to smash my computer on the floor.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A 1978 "abduction" in Poland: authentic and credible? (I think so)


It smacks of an hallucination but there are other witnesses.




Chris Lehto [9/12] sort of offers a Q & A about the million-person viewed Michels' Grusch interview




The CryptoTerrestrials?

Copyright 2023, InterAmerica, Inc.
Somewhere along the evolutionary process, at least two hominin species – Homo Naledi and Homo Floresiensis – became equivalent with Homo Sapiens, (almost) physically and (surely) mentally.
That is, these side-lined human species developed in a unique way, not becoming extinct, as the Neanderthals did, or Homo Erectus and Homo Australopithecus,or the Denisovans did.
It seems that Homo Naledi became equivalently intelligent as Homo Sapiens around the same time: 300,000 years ago.
A cave find in South Africa, in 2013, included bone fossils, burial ritual, and, most importantly, etchings (markings) on materials and cave walls that indicated modes of communication that didn’t appear among Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens until 60,000 to 40,000 BCE.
The possibility that this distinct hominim species did not go extinct but separated itself from the primitive struggles of its hominim precursors is something to consider perhaps.
That Naledi went off on an evolutionary path that eventually paralleled Homo Sapiens could be verified if further fossils and remains of Naledi show up in places beyond the cave and area in Africa where their existence resided.
The disputes about the Naledi significance are moderate. Here’s one example:
But the consensus is that the small-brained Naledi had intelligence equivalent to Homo Sapiens and Neanderthalus, at a time previous to that later intelligence.
This, theoretically, gave the recently discovered (2013) species a leg up in mental evolution, allowing for a spike and process in advancement of thought, creativity, and societal development.
Is it possible that Naledi moved away from the evolutionary trek of its fellow hominins and developed a whole human-like culture different from and parallel to the societies that we humans have been born into?
This would be the crypto-terrestrials conjectured by Mac Tonnies (and others) who suggest that UFOs might originate here on Earth rather than from other civilizations in the galaxy or universe or dimensions.
(In my thesis about the god of the Israelites, the suggestion of parallel “human” creations on Earth is slated to be presented.) 
Here are some pro or con YouTube presentations dealing with the Naledi discovery.
There are dozens more, but the crypto-terrestrial slant is yet to be accommodated in UFO circles.
I’ll get back to it as more discerned discoveries are made about this special hominin.

A stupid Google UFO Alert for 9/12 (Note the abundance of the errant UAPs usage)


The Observer: Things on the forest floor -- not exactly UFO (or UAP) related but close?


Monday, September 11, 2023

Footnotes to …

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An article in the recent September 4, 2023 Archival issue of The New Yorker – March 24, 2004’s The Squid Hunter by David Grann about the mythical and real Architeuthis [the Kraken] had two notes that apply to UFOs, slightly.
A description of Giant Squid could apply to advanced ETs:
“ … their unsually large eyes … highly developed brains [with] nerve fibres that are hundreds of time thicker than in human beings ,,, they are much more intelligent, much more complex than anything [found in Earth’s living species]. Page 44
And this, which applies to squid hunters and actually to denigrators of UFO whistle-blower David Grusch:
The article’s primary character O’Shea (an academic and scientist) “shares his research with several colleagues, whom he calls ‘gentlemen,' but there are some experts he calls ‘cannibals,' with whom he refuses to speak. ‘A lot of those people are vicious’ …They want you to fail so they can be the first [to find the giant squid]." Page 43
And let me write that the video I placed online here of Jesse Michels and David Grusch indicate two fellows who are well-read and highly intelligent, with conversational moxie that is lacking in UFO circles and even here at this blog.

(Picture atop from Wikipedia)

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Jesse Michels: UFO Whistleblower Dave Grusch Tells Me Everything


I like Jesse Michels, but he is open to interviewing everybody, even those who are tainted human beings.

In this instance, I found David Grusch, whom I like too, a little crude in appearance and conversation.

If a person is revealing important and serious information, the inclination is, generally, to offer that information in a dignified manner.

That was not the case here by Grusch, sadly.

Even so, the interview is insightful in a number of ways.


Media: National reporters and news organizations

Copyright 2023, InterAmerica, Inc.
Most visiting here know that an avocation of mine is commenting on news media with my MediaWatch status. (Seriously, since 1990)
Today, 9/10, I watched NBC’s Morning Today show. The opening story, for two minutes was the Morocco earthquake which has killed over 2000 people there and devastated villages and towns of the country’s citizens.

But the host Willie Geist jumped to a story about CoCo Gauff winning the U.S. Open tennis, a 4 minute recap of her and the match.
This was followed by other minor stories, one about an unknown young woman making a mark in the music world – a woman who will be forgotten in a few months as many hot performers end up.
That national and large city news operations, cable, TV, news press, et cetera, aren’t covering UFO happenings and news is not surprising. It’s the flashy zip of persons and happenings that get news coverage; and UFOs (or UAP) are not zippy or interesting to social society.
Human population is absorbed by the passing fads of celebrity and spotlighted persons who mean nothing, actually, in the current movement of existence, which is on the brink of destruction (climate change, all-out war between super powers, or COVID 19).
To bemoan the slipshod gathering of important news or really interesting societal items is futile.
The rise and ubiquity of social media – what people are eating or doing (no matter how mundane and boring) or where the population travels to – has usurped reportage of journalists and news operations.
Accept that and concentrate on the profound meaning of UFOs, and know that at some point, UFOs will dominate the news and life – when it may be too late to halt what that means: the alteration of humanity, to a point worse than climate change, nuclear war, or epidemic.

Saturday, September 09, 2023

Sinister Extraterrestrials and Their Nuclear Agenda


A Google UFO Alert for 9/9 that is interesting, really


The “Disclosure” Mess

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I’ve always disdained the idea of “Disclosure” especially as es- poused by Greer and Basset.
But that anticipation has been watered down or eliminated by the Grusch scenario, which had, although it too has pretty much disintegrated, more than a whimper of possibility.
Then there is (or was) the Avi Loeb “disclosure” which has more to do with interstellar material than UFOs.
Many UFO long-timers, aging and near the death door, are anxiety-ridden and praying for someone or something to disclose that UFOs – now UAP – are adventurers from another planet, a few even accepting the once shrugged-off interdimensional source, desperate as they are for anything that confirms their belief that UFOs are intermediaries from a place outside our mundane reality.
But, even though such UFO newbies as Chris Lehto, John Greenewald Jr. or NewsNation and a few others provide evidence of the long-time suppression of a UFO reality, there is no “disclosure” on the horizon.
The keepers of the UFO reality are not about to disclose any information confirming what we long-timers have accepted for many years: UFOs (flying saucers) are a mysterious reality that forebodes non-human existences.
So, as we have to jettison the use of the UAP epithet, we must eschew the idea that disclosure is imminent.
We just have to wait for an act of God that presents a UFO via public accident or exposure by someone who is at the right place at the right time.

Rare 1965 footage of J. Allen Hynek


Hynek's "weasel" period before his change of heart and mind in 1966

Friday, September 08, 2023

Chris Lehto's 9/8 YouTube presentation: The US HAS UFO Evidence: 3 Historic Cases Exposed


Commentary on the Tre- monton film, Gordon Coo- per's filmed UFO landing on Edwards Air Base desert floor, and Bob Jacob's film of UFO attack on missile launch.


The Warminster Thing: A UFO Mystery That Continues To This Day


A series of odd, off-beat UFO (and paranormal) episodes, always at the fringe of my interest. I grabbed a few books on the matter, too.


UFO long-timer Cheryl Costa grabbed a column spot at the Roswell paper. What's your take on her effort?


Thursday, September 07, 2023

The Debrief [9/7]: Micah Hanks, et al. and the usual insights and news


Aaron Rogers UFO experience usurped Google's UFO Alerts for 9/7, maybe topped by Trump's alleged UFO briefing while in office

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Who is this guy? Another UFO thug?

Scientists Finally Solved The Fermi Paradox - And It's Not Good News


The "Guardian" videotape of a UFO landing at Carp, Canada on August 18, 1991



For our pal Dominick: The multiple assassination attempts on UFO contactee Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier


The UAPs [sic] thing

Copyright 2023, InterAmerica, Inc.
Last night [9/5] YouTube shot me a notification of a new Chris Lehto video:
And Cheryl Costa sent me a copy of her new newspaper column about UFOs:
Plus more UAPs [sic] notices per YouTube, one from NewsNation:
The UAP initialism is Unidentified Amorphous/Abnormal/Aerial/Anomalous Phenomena 
Phenomena is a plural, as you well know, for phenomenon. To add an “s” is an egregious grammatical mistake.
I make grammatical mistakes all the time but this ongoing blunder by UFO folks and news media, who should know better, is more than egregious. It’s ignorance flawed further by trying to make UAP a replacement sobriquet for UFOs.
Long-time UFO people should not fall prey to the U.S. DoD, which hopes to submerge the UFO problem by various means, one being a change in its essence from “objects” to something innocent like “amorphous” or “anomalous.”
When I see UAPs used, I usually eschew the person or message in which it appears, my old HS English teacher applauding in Heaven’s night school.

The Observer: Strange Ships at Sea, Part 3 (Conclusion)


My pal Tanner Boyle's reading list (one of them anyway)


Tuesday, September 05, 2023

The Peru Invasions

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Little to no pursuit of the rather current tales of 7 foot tall ETs harassing Peru farmers and simple folk.
The “photos” showing up in media and on YouTube are fascinating, whether faked or real – the latter being significant if true or actual.
Peru is too far away to count or matter? Too exotic?
UFO people shuffling off to Exeter and other UFO venues of little or no import should be set aside for a Peruvian visit by some real UFO researcher, if there are any, or just one maybe.
If I were a “researcher” instead of a rank amateur “theorist,” I’d go, passport ready.
But I’m hoping someone might check out the episodes, first-hand as the media coverage and hearsay are really pathetic.
The few tidbits showing up are, however, enticing even with their rumor-oriented flavor.

UFO doorknobs, emphasis on knobs

Copyright 2023, InterAmerica, Inc.

My Facebook pal, Jan Aldrich, the eminent founder of Project 1947, is, on Facebook, trolling for minutiae about the Ken Arnold sighting. 

And he’s got a few people worked up about the emaciated details of that original flying saucer event. 

This brings me to note that my readers here are generally beyond such suffocating nostalgic reminiscences. 

However, some of you – and we all know who I refer to -- are not thinking as well as you are able. 

For instance, to insist that UFO [ET] abductions have a reality, overlooks my pointing out that an advanced species inserting itself in Earth’s humanity, would have better sources of what makes up human beings than grabbing them, helter-skelter and probing their insides. 

Such a non-advanced practice is ridiculous on its face and reflects a pathology inside human minds. 

Also, to accept the idea that Billy Meier’s “UFO” photos are authen- tic pictures of real UFO craft is ludicrous: Has he ever displayed a photo of the inside of those crafts? Or any details that corroborate the idea of an advanced species from the Pleiades constellation or any information from his imagined Pleiadian pals that show an advanced state of existence that “proves” Meier’s fairy tale confabulation? 

And the idea that ETs are cavorting around the Earth in numbers that UFO sightings indicate is ludicrous on its face. There are too many places in the Universe or even just our galaxy that call for examination by exploring species from elsewhere to draw many, many ET visitors to the meadows here to mutilate cows when a real advanced species would take a cow aboard their craft – as shown in a video I placed on here showing just that – to eviscerate the poor beast. 

Then the insistence of many Facebookers, Reddit members, and Twitter [X] posters that UFOs are UAP, and belong in the para-normal lexicon is sickeningly ignorant. 

One can understand why the Sentes/Cifone crowd is trying to enforce logical restraints and philosophical meanderings on the UFO/UAP crowd. The stupidity is staggering and deplores what mankind should be about as a rational species on this Earth. 

No, UFO people, and some visiting here are members of the doofus class of morons who have been loosed on society by the glorious ubiquity of social media.


Monday, September 04, 2023

Calvin Parker

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While I was heading back to my lake home the other day, I thought I saw a Facebook notification that Pascagoula’s abduction star, Calvin Parker, had died.
It showed up on my phone and I couldn’t locate the source or note
Then I saw Bill Murphy’s note about it on his 9/4 Anomalist link, pointing to Kevin Randle’s memorial posting.
I had a few, slight contacts with Calvin via our Facebook “friend- ship” and was glad that there appeared, recently, witnesses who seemed to corroborate his and Charles Hickson’s episode.
Calvin has always come off as a good ol’ boy, not inclined to create a ploy or hoax anyone.
The Pascagoula incident is remarkable in its uniqueness; it was (is) different than every other ET kidnap story extant.
That he struggled the past few years, with illnesses mostly, was a sad intervention in his new-found fame (or notoriety), but he worked his way through the medical crises as he moved, truthfully it seems, through his alien encounter.
I’m certain he’s in a “heavenly” place now and at peace with his ordeals here on the Earthly plane, including his other-worldly adventures.

Sunday, September 03, 2023

A quasi-documentary (fraught with inserts that don't pertain) which mimics the Grusch scenarios


The UFO abduction nonsense

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Why would a so-called “advanced” extraterrestrial species be grabbing people from their beds and cars to find out how they (the kidnapped) are biologically constructed when said ET grabbers could “sneak” into medical facilities, universities, bio-labs and other venues, like a hospital or health facility office and gather whatever they wanted?
And wouldn’t Alien Abductors be able to snatch, unbeknownst to anyone, the vast secret array of information about our missile defenses, nuclear weaponry, military readiness, and every other “secret” that is guarded and “worshipped” by government militaries?
Then, why couldn’t the ET snatchers take whatever gem or valuable item sitting unguarded in the homes and cars of those allegedly being hauled up to those UFO/UAP crafts?
Plus, couldn’t an advanced species gather whatever that which fascinates them about cows from places where cow information is housed, even slaughterhouses or meat factories?
The abduction scenario is farcical and psychopathic, both.
And it is grist for psychology and pathology study, not UFO “research.”

Saturday, September 02, 2023

Google UFO [UAP] Alerts [9/2]: all links about The AARO Web-site

The diversionary web-site of AARO (a DoD concoction) has diverted UFO enthusiasts and UFO people smarter than me and most of us from the supposed Grusch "disclosures" and other serious UFO (or UAP) matters.

A "brilliant" ploy -- except some of us are not fooled.

More will appear from many sources in the coming days (and have already begun).

The 9/2 Alerts:

Pentagon launches 'one-stop shop' website for UFO information and reporting | CNN Politics

The US Department of Defense has launched a website intended to be a “one-stop shop” for publicly available information on “unidentified anomalous  | Facebook Twitter

This is a sign the Pentagon is taking UFOs seriously | CNN Politics

The US Department of Defense has launched a website for publicly available information on “unidentified anomalous phenomena”, UAPs [sic], also known as ...| Facebook Twitter

Federal website launching to share information on UFOs - | NY1

The website will include photos and videos on declassified UAP cases as well as a frequently asked questions section and links to tracking sites. | Facebook Twitter

Pentagon launches website with access to declassified info about UFOs - | YouTube

Pentagon says it's a one-stop shop for UFO records | Facebook Twitter

Pentagon launches 'one-stop shop' for declassified info about UFOs - | Yahoo News

The Defense Department on Thursday unveiled a website that's intended to serve as a clearinghouse for declassified information about unidentified ...| Facebook Twitter

Pentagon launches UFO website - | YouTube

The Pentagon has called the site a "one-stop-shop" for all publicly available information about UFOs.| Facebook Twitter

Pentagon unveils 'one-stop shop' site for non-classified UFO docs - | YouTube

The Pentagon unveiled a new website that promises one-stop shopping for all non-classified government records on UFOs. The site will eventually ... | Facebook Twitter

Pentagon unveils new official UFO website - Indianapolis - WTHR

The new website launch is following a recent string of documents being officially declassified by the government. | Facebook Twitter

How does the new Pentagon UFO website work? | The Independent

This initiative, part of ongoing efforts to bring transparency to the mysterious world of unidentified aerial phenomena, was launched on Thursday 31 ...| Facebook Twitter


Billy Cox's take on the AARO web-site


Friday, September 01, 2023

Chris Lehto [9/1] provides precis of new AARO UAP web-site


Google's UFO Alerts for 9/1 were pretty much about the Pentagon AARO web-site change(s).


AARO changes: Kirkpatrick diminished, Hicks now head of Pentagon UAP nonsense



Thursday, August 31, 2023

Billy Cox: on point about no one giving a damn about non-humans etc.


We are so nothing....

 From a FB insert:

The (latest) DeBrief: the usual insights and news


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Google UFO Alerts 8/30 offers ABC News interview of Kirkpatrick -- he's smooth