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Thursday, February 10, 2022

The odd human species appearing before the Mesopotamian cultures

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Here’s a video of some new findings from the YouTube Ancient Architect channel that deals with the various “tepes” being exca- vated in Turkey: Göbekli tepe and Karahan Tepe:
The “sculpted” figures come from peoples living 7,000 years before those known to us from the Bronze Age – the Sumerians, the Hittites, the Egyptians, the Anunnaki (the people, not the make-believe ancient gods from the sky as Ancient Alien fans have it).
The ongoing findings at the Turkey site indicate a rather strange but somewhat advanced species of humans.
I think these humans precede or anticipate the human species that developed in ways that set them apart from “normal” human species and came to be seen as exalted, mythologized by later mankind from the period of Gilgamesh [circa 2600 B.C.] until and through the Iron Age.
My Substack thesis deals with the Israelite “god” [Yahweh] of that period but this group of humans precede that period and can be thought to have faded into obscurity but actually hid themselves away, ultimately developing into hidden entities with the attributes and actions of gods, as the mythologists had them in early times.
Could they be the progenitors of UFOs? That speculation has some merit but needs much more to make it acceptable. Mac Tonnies’ book about “Crypto-terrestrials” was on to something but his un- fortunate early death disallowed his brilliant insight a fruition and I think he was going in another direction from where my view is headed.
So, no matter where we might go with the advanced beings who might be thought of as real “gods” the Karahan Tepe beings offer an intriguing observation about earlier man, not early man, but mankind around the time of the last ice age.

Something flies over or nearby and a camera malfunctions or a car stalls? And so….?

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Why are we wasting time on alleged effects from supposed close encounters with UFOs?
What do such effects tell us? That some kind of “energy” or E-M bursts debilitate our mechanical objects?
Where do such observations take us?
I am so sick and tired with pronouncements that end before their closing grammatical mark, a period.
So, UFOs apparently emit electromagnetic bursts that quell machines or affect humans in some physiological way.
Now what? Where are persons obsessed with such reports taking us? UFOs do this and so…..
It’s sheer stupid reportage, full of nothing. Quit piling up UFO lore with such meaningless prattle, please.

Frenzied Ufological Activity That Takes Us Nowhere?

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I’ve provided links here and my own postings that stir the UFO waters not one iota.
But I’m not alone in flailing around with UFO detritus.
My pals, Isaac Koi and Jan Aldrich are busily gathering, for archival purposes, everything that has been printed about flying saucers, UFOs, UAP – everything!
But no one is seriously reading any of it. The “archives” – like the many books and magazines we’ve all accumulated over the years – clutter space and the boys’ established “archives” gathering real and digital dust. The material is not being used for research or any scholarly purpose.
I was trying to get hold of John Greenwald Jr. [Black Vault] – to no avail – (He was working on a side FOIA issue apparently the past few days).
I wanted to know if he had ever pressed for the photos taken during the AATIP released Navy excursions we’ve all come to cherish as proof of UFOs [UAP].
Has John ever, via the FOIA, gotten any UFO material that knocked the socks off our UFO community?
And we all are familiar with mountains of books written by our UFO buddies and nobodies. Has any book brought something truly useful to the UFO table? That is, what book opened the enigma to some kind of truth or epiphany?
Yes, we all have our favorite book or two, but …..
Then there are the rabid ramblings at Facebook, Reddit, and other social media rendezvous. A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.
Of course, there are blogs (like this one) and websites and online magazines (The Debrief) that muck around and give nothing but slather and material that turn out to be less than fluff.
Podcasts? Words and sounds, filling the ether, with sloppy entertainment and wisps of insanity, offering nothing substantial….and you all know that.
We are all clowns on the periphery of madness, hoping that someone, somewhere will provide an answer to the UFO mystery.
Yet, nothing is happening: we’re all waiting for Godot, dammit.

And he ain’t coming.